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The Portland Relocation Council was founded in 2004 to support and educate those who have a common interest in global mobility. 

The strength of the Portland Relocation Council comes from our volunteer board and members, who are dedicated to providing education and networking opportunities through

      • Industry Updates and worldwide trends for domestic and international relocation
      • Charitable community involvement and increased awareness
      • Best practices, benchmarking, and policy development
      • Tax and legal information
      • Support of Worldwide ERC (WERC) Mission and Values

    The Portland Relocation Council’s vision comes from its members' beliefs that through innovation, a passionate pursuit of excellence, and determination, there is no challenge that mobility professionals cannot tackle.  Our parent organization, Worldwide ERC, shares in the core values and mission of the Portland Relocation Council, and those values are also represented by the acronym of PRC:


    Our members will always provide a Positive environment, and display a Positive attitude in our approach to learning and professional development.


    Our members will always display respect to each other, our customers and our community.

    Customers First

    Our members put our Customers First, because we know they are the driving force behind our desire to be better stewards of our industry and what we do each day.  They ARE the reason we are here.

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